Directors - George & Kathryn Westfall

Our Story

We met when we were much younger, skinnier, and energetic. Kathryn had just broken her nose playing softball. Her church bus captain and I came by her house on a Saturday morning for bus visitation, I remember thinking that this girl with the funny broke nose was going to be real pretty when she grew up. Well time went on and sure enough this pretty girl showed up in the youth department at church. Well we seemed to be destined for each other. We dated for a couple of years, the youth department at church became the center of our lives, we were given our own bus route (naturally the route no one else wanted) and we began to learn about serving God. We dated all of our high school years, during this time Kathryn was saved at youth camp. I was saved when I was in junior high. We were married right after I graduated, and began life. God gave us three kids, two girls and a son and all the responsibilities that come with a family. We did our best to serve God, we kept our kids in church, I volunteered at work weeks at our youth camp, and I would teach or preach whenever given a chance. During all the efforts and trials of life I always had a feeling that I was supposed to be doing more to serve God. So God in his infinite wisdom brought some chaos into our lives. For twenty five years I had been a meat cutter in stores, Kathryn had become a photographer. God put us managing residential properties. We learned a lot in those six years. We learned how to operate in the legal system, how to manage people, how to survive in the corporate world and, how to build and maintain properties. Then right before my fortieth birthday the camp director at our youth camp retired. I honestly knew right then what I was supposed to be doing with my life and why God had put us through such intensive training. We interviewed and were hired for camp managers! This began the most special times in our life (up to that point). We lived in a place that its sole purpose was to see kids saved! We were able to raise our kids as `camp kids` God even gave us the perfect camp Dog. We saw God do great things over and over again, souls saved, lives changed, and in our lives we had great fellowship and service with other people just like us. However things change. Our camp was closed. We had a learning time. Shortly after the camp closed our youngest graduated high school and joined the navy. We were empty nesters! We had moved back to the city (yuck) found regular jobs, and worked. That’s all God would allow us to do. We just worked and went to church. Then something happened. Our beloved pastor, the most human, most dedicated pastor we had ever met developed cancer. Always, always honor your pastor. You see in his pastoral wisdom he set us up for an interview with the CEO of Minnetonka youth camp. Tom and Bernice had just retired and the board of directors were searching for camp managers. We did not know any of this was going on until our pastor informed us that we had an interview, he had even written a resume for us. Well I had determined that I wasn’t going to go to another camp, ever. Kathryn and I were still hurting from our camp being closed. But always honor your Pastor, especially if He is dying from cancer. We went to the interview at the camp. As soon as we drove through the front gates we knew, and I think Tom and bro. Curtis knew that this is where we belonged.  I certainly do not know the future, I hope God allows us to serve at Minnetonka for a long, long time. To see many souls saved, to serve again alongside likeminded Christians. Please pray for Minnetonka youth camp, that souls are saved, that we have wisdom and the guidance of the Lord in all that’s done here. Thank you all for your support and prayers.