Your group will need the following:



3. Church Registration CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

4. Add us to as additionally insured and submit that form.

5. Review Minnetonka's firearm policy. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Check list for day of arrival:

  • Church Registration (Please be sure to email this 30 days prior to camp week.)
  • Camper Waiver Forms (One will be needed for counselors and campers.)
  • Liability Insurance Form (This may be sent by mail or email in advance.)
  • Proof of Background Check (We do not need to see this, we just want proof that it has been done for anyone 18+. This may be emailed ahead of time.) 
  • Medicine (If your student has medicine, please keep this with you and turn into the nurse during your leader meeting.) 
  • Church Roster Summary (Please fill this out ahead of time as it helps the check in process faster.)
  • Payment 

When you arrive at camp you will stop at the camp office to check in. We will need your forms upon arrival. Once we receive those we will give you a camp bracelet for everyone and a vehicle pass. Invoices may be done on the spot or at the end of day. If you have your exact count ahead of time an invoice can be sent to you before you arrive. Vehicle passes are for your safety and the safety of all of the campers. Please keep this on your rear view mirror at all times while on property.

Questions about checking in? Send us an email -