Minnetonka Firearms and Weapons Policy

Purpose: To ensure employees, guests and campers are not the victim of an accidental shooting. To legally regulate the use of a personal firearm on Minnetonka properties to the extent that it does not infringe on the individual right to possess a firearm on our grounds. To adhere to the camping industry standard around firearms and weapons. 

Minnetonka is committed to the mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping believers for ministry and believes the safety of staff, campers and guests to be central to this goal. Maintaining a safe and secure environment in which to conduct ministry activities for its staff, volunteers, campers, and guests will create the best possible environment for spiritual growth. Limiting weapons on camp is one step towards reducing risk and keeping our facilities safe and secure. This policy applies to all staff, campers, guests, volunteers, visitors, and contractors. 

I. Definitions 

A. Firearm - Any weapon that is designed or adapted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive. 

B. Concealed Firearm - Any firearm with a barrel less than 16 inches; commonly known as a handgun that is designed to be used one-handed or modified to be used one-handed. 

C. Program Firearms - Any firearm approved by Directors for use in a program i.e. skeet shooting, skits, special effects, special events. 

D. Open Carry Firearm – Any concealable firearm that is worn on the outside of the clothing so that it is clearly visible to the public. 

E. Weapon - Any item created or designed to inflict bodily harm or physical damage. 

II. Concealed Firearm 

A. Employers in Oklahoma may not prohibit a person from bringing firearms into parking lots as long as the person isn’t a convicted felon and the vehicle is locked. However, employers may prohibit weapons from the remainder of the premises. (21 Okla. Stat. §§ 1289.7a and 1290.22) 

B. A property owner, employer, or business entity may prohibit any person from carrying a concealed or unconcealed firearm on the property. If the building or property is open to the public, the property owner, tenant, employer, place of worship or business entity shall post signs on or about the property stating such prohibition. (21 O.S 1290.22. Business Owner's Rights) 

C. The legal carrying of a concealed or unconcealed firearm by a person on property that has signs prohibiting the carrying of firearms shall not be deemed a criminal act but may subject the person to being denied entrance onto the property or removed from the property. If the person refuses to leave the property and a peace officer is summoned, the person may be issued a citation. (21 O.S 1290.22. Business Owner's Rights) 

III. Possession of a Firearm 

A. Full-Time employees of Minnetonka who conceal a firearm in accordance with state or federal law LEOSA 18 USC 926 (law enforcement officers), are allowed by law (and Minnetonka) to carry a concealed firearm on Minnetonka properties; other than when they are engaged in physical activities (like running around on the ballfield or in the gymnasium, activities that require jumping, activities on the challenge course, etc.) with campers or guests. During these types of activities, it will not be permitted to have the firearm on you. Instead, the firearm should be kept under lock and key. 

B. Guests, volunteers, participants, campers, part-time employees, summer or seasonal staff and vendors are not allowed to possess a firearm on Minnetonka property other than it staying locked in their private vehicle with windows up. (21 O.S 1290.22.) 

C. Employees who are legally in possession of a firearm, and plan to keep that firearm in their personal vehicle, must lock the vehicle and ensure windows are up so that no person would have access to the firearm. It is the preference of Minnetonka that any firearm locked in a vehicle would be hidden and not displayed in any form or fashion. 

D. Those employees who have been assigned a company vehicle may carry a personal firearm in the company vehicle provided the company vehicle is locked and the keys removed while unattended. Firearms may not be present in any vehicle transporting campers, program participants or guests of Minnetonka, unless it is concealed on the person, it cannot be loose in the vehicle. 

E. In the case of program firearms, these need to be locked away in  the provided gun safes immediately after use. These firearms should never be left unattended when not secure in a gun safe. 

IV. Open Carry Firearm 

A. Oklahoma laws governing firearms allow for citizens, who legally possess a firearm, to carry this firearm in the open so that it is visible to the public. This statute also allows business owners to restrict Open Carry if the place of business does not want firearms visible to customers or patrons. 

B. Minnetonka does not believe it would be in the best interest of our guests and campers for firearms to be visible while on our property. Open Carry of a firearm will be prohibited while on any Minnetonka property. 

V. Discharging a Firearm 

A. No firearm will be discharged on Minnetonka properties unless it is in accordance with existing state/federal laws. 

B. Exceptions to Discharging a Firearm line A., would be program firearms. All programs involving firearms must comply with the following: 

1. Organized activity approved at the Director level and 

2. Supervised by certified operator or firearms safety officer and 

3. In an area designated for the use of firearms and 

4. Person discharging the firearm has received instruction in the safe handling, loading, aiming and firing of the particular firearm being used. 

VI. Hunting on Minnetonka properties 

A. Hunting is not permitted on Minnetonka properties without the approval of the camp director and is governed by Oklahoma hunting regulations.

B. Exemptions: Approved full-time employees may discharge their firearms to rid camp of animal pests that cause damage to camp facilities or grounds. This should never be done within sight of campers or guests of Minnetonka. 

VII. Weapons on Minnetonka properties 

A. The following weapons are prohibited on Minnetonka properties. (full-time staff residences are excluded) 

1. Firearms (pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, muzzleloaders, BB/pellet guns, paintball markers, etc)* 

2. Bows or hand powered weapons (crossbows, bows, arrows, dart guns, slingshots)

3. Batons (clubs, nightsticks) 

4. Knives (blades longer than 4 inches, stars, throwing knives, machetes)* 

5. Stun Guns (tasers, electric dart guns) 

6. Fighting Weapons (brass knuckles, batons, nunchucks) 

7. Fireworks (pyrotechnics)* 

*Exceptions would include the above approved use of firearms, use of machetes as a tool and fireworks for approved, Minnetonka programmed shows. 


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